Saturday, October 2, 2010

horoscope analyzation 1

My horoscopes are intensely accurate every day, but I'll only post the very, very, scarily true ones.

This is a good day for financial matters, Sagittarius. With your credit cards maxed out, you may be thinking that your bank account isn't as healthy as it could be. But today you're likely to receive some news that indicates otherwise. You may get a windfall or discover that your portfolio is generating healthy returns. It's a good day for paperwork.

Didn't I JUST say how my debit card is reaching its limit?! AHHHHH. Hopefully all of the other stuff is true, except I don't really have a portfolio made up. Maybe they are relating to my flickrrrrr? And the paperwork part? I guess that could be relating to the piles of homework I have? 


  1. oh! I'm saggitarius too! I'm of 17 desember :D And you?

    And don't spend more money hahaha!