Saturday, October 2, 2010

postage stamp world

Happy Saturday!
I hate waking up early. It is currently 9:18, and I am tired beyond belief. I slept at home last night, for a change, and my brother and his friend decided to be terribly loud and keep me awake most of the night. Yesterday was oodles of fun, though! Olivia, Austin and I decided to go on an adventure, so we thought it would be a good idea to drive to Pasedena without directions.

We made it there eventually, after getting lost and traveling in circles for a half an hour. We picked up Austin's "friend" (they should be boyfriend and girlfriend by now...), and we went to Salvation Army, The Folk Tree, and Urban. I got so many delicious things! And I've come to the conclusion that my debit card has almost reached its limit.
But, I got about ten picture frames, a bowling bag with the ball and shoes and everything(!), a big, warm, cozy cardigan that I won't take off until fall/winter has ended, a cool Native American-looking shirt, a neat pair of fake crocodile-skin boots, and that's it, I believe.

We visited my mom at work, and then went home around 5:30. We took the most amazing pictures on at this church with brick walls, and then we were finally ready to leave. 

Then we went out to the most delicious dinner in the history of delicious dinners, and went home for good. She left, and then I was convinced I was tired so I attempted to go to sleep and it took an hour for me to even feel tired.

Moi Je Joue, the song, just came on shuffle and it made me realize how much I miss my best friend Sam! I haven't even really talked about her on here yet, which makes me sad. We usually spend every second together, but I haven't seen her in three days. Luckily, she's having a kickback tonight so I'll see her then. Maybe we can even work on our special room on Sunday, but I doubt that, since I have to leave early to run some errands, get my film developed, and visit a relative in the hospital.

So, I made these weird paintings on blocks of wood, and I have one on the ledge just above my bed, next to my Hendrix record, Peace Tea can, and oodles (why am I saying that so much lately?) of artwork. But, I was awoken strangely in the middle night with the block of wood on my face. It fell on me in my sleep, what theeeeee?! I then woke up to find my phone going bizzurk, flashing seventy different colors and losing service for five minutes. Then I went in the dining room to sit at the table at my computer, and the leaves shook and a leaf fell off! I am convinced that I am living with a ghost.
I may just be scared since Stephanie and I watched Beetlejuice two days ago, but I dunnnnno, I've had quite my share of ghostly encounters recently.
I feel awkward that I am lacking a picture to post right here.

I actually HATE, HATE, HATE, DESPISE pictures of the sky/sunset, but I am making an exception because the sky has been beautiful beyond belief lately. I love the clouds, because they produce the most amazing sunsets! There is this water-tower area near my house, which is the absolute best place to watch the sun fade behind the mountains. Sam and I went after one of our "quests", but it was noon and the sky was too clear for clouds. But I took this photo outside of the car window yesterday evening, it was to lovely to pass. Even though I lsdkahfksdfhksfhkdsjhfd can't STAND pictures of the sky. (hahahha). Now that I've gotten my anger out....

I better start on the homework I didn't get to yesterday. Although, now that I think about it, I didn't start any of my homework yesterday. And you probably are already convinced that I don't have a social life, which is not true at all. I've just been taking it easy this weekend, as I am still recovering from last weekend.

Knowing me, I'll probably post about ten more things today, since whenever I start one of these, my mind overflows with ideas of things to write about!

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