Thursday, November 24, 2011

this was the best thanksgiving life has every offered me.
i am so thankful that i can call my brother and my cousins my ultimate best friends.
i will always have them in my life. i will never feel alone. i am so fucking lucky.
for my birthday, nothing sounds better than going to a cabin in mammoth, with college kids and my favorite cousins. i love older people, ranging from college-age to parents. i have realized that i connect better with them. my mindset is a generation ahead.
i love the song sesh tonight with the entire einbund family gathered into one room while singing the beatles and playing xylophone.
i loved that we were running around the house, and outside too, chanting "cousins" and banging on pots and pans to create noise that only we would love
i hope that one day my kids will be this close to their cousins. and at this rate, the future looks promising.
i am so lucky. i am so lucky. at this point, i don't care about pursuing pointless friendships. i'm looking for the real stuff. the deep connections. the family feeling. and if college is where i'll find this, than all of this waiting is worth it.
i know i'll be happier when college comes. when i can get out of my stupid nurtured environment. you are living proof that life will expand once this arrives. you told me tonight that you see my hopes coming true. "you'll be fine, you were like how I was in high school". and now look at you. you are so happy and full of life. you are who i want to be, but in girl form of course. i have a hard time opening up to people, but since you guys are all family, it comes naturally. i love all of you.
my family is amazing. i love that from now on, i will see this. i can't wait for all we talk about to come true. you guys make these hard times worth it. i love you so much.

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