Sunday, May 15, 2011

a morning of waking up at matthew's, western bagel, and the doors on pandora.
last night was so much fun. i love this sense of adventure that has swept through my school.
i got to break in the newest member to my glass family, and he even gained a name!

sherman knocked on my door precisely at 4:20, wrapped up in a mysterious brown box. and although i thought this little thing would be hideous, i was surprised to found out that he isn't. olivia and i are the proud mothers.

so after we broke in sherman near matthew's house, we did many things and eventually ended up at the abandoned country club.

then we went to aroma for a midnight snack and then back to matthew's to watch tv on his patio and smoke a few bowls before falling asleep. it was amazing and peaceful and free. just as friday was.
after school on friday, we all went to lunch and then to juliet piper's show at taft!

i've had a beautiful, memorable weekend.

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  1. Ah, you forgot that I am also the proud father:) Since I paid mostly;)