Wednesday, May 25, 2011

happy wednesday! the day before prom. i realized that i forgot to tell you about last weekend! i have been posting so little lately, but i just feel like everything has been so bland lately. hopefully things will get more exciting, considering my last week of eleventh grade is approaching!

friday some friends and i hiked to vav rock!

then juliet came to attend my brother's girlfriend's surprise party and we discovered the most beautiful bathroom on the planet.

then juliet and i roamed around the valley and eventually ended up at her best friends house to surprise him during his return home from college! when i got home, i found out that i was missing in action and basically i should never have a dead phone again...

then on saturday, olivia and i went to meet up at the club to purchase what we could with 25 bucks! dylan had prom to attend so he showed up ready to go, and he brought his dog!

we ended up getting a hubby and ten bucks worth of hash which actually lasted a very long time!

then we went to sarah's empty house,

then olivia and i made a trip to the white house on ventura to have the photoshoot i've been craving, unfortunately it didn't turn out as well as i expected since we were crashing and super exhausted.

then we came home,

the end. it was eventful but i've had better. this weekend should make up for it!

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