Tuesday, February 22, 2011

this weekend honestly flew by.
i love spending time with the people i spent time with last night.
i feel as if my wanderlust is growing more and more.
i only want to be out on adventures.
i used to be content with just sitting at home with friends, but my desire to go out and explore is growing bigger everyday.
i want to go to places i've never been. and my upcoming road trip during the first week of march will satisfy these adventure cravings.

sitting in the backseat of ann's car with osher and val, "brownie" in hand, sipping soda to take away the horrid taste of edibles, and waiting until it kicks in.
driving to the pier, conversations in the arcade, tea and wet seats at crave, the mittens and many layers keeping my body heat from escaping, rolling the smallest but most wonderful joint on caroline's old desk, smoking it in the bathroom but hardly remembering it now, and passing out on a deflated air mattress with osher.
although we planned for a much more intense night, this met my expectations and i feel as if it was a lovely end to my four day weekend.
i love this lifestyle and i won't change for anyone. i can still maintain my hobbies and most of my school work, so i don't care what you think.
if i'm going to be judged for having a good time, then at least i had fun.

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