Tuesday, February 22, 2011

all of this pointless, immature highschool drama is getting the best of me.
i wish i could relax and not have to worry about doing something that will offend someone.
i can't wait to get out of this place, that way i don't have to be with these people anymore.
there are just a few i wouldn't mind seeing after i move away.
but, for now, i have to put up with all of this shit that could be easily prevented.
don't take things to heart, do what makes you happy, and don't waste your time with anyone you can't trust.
i, from now on, will follow these things.
all of you are fun to go to school with and see once or twice out side of school, but i can't wait for the genuine people i will meet when i get older.
the people who are past all of their insecurities and worries.
i just want to get fucked up, take pictures, and let the time pass until this time next year.
this is all i want.
i don't want to get involved anymore.
i'm done.

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