Wednesday, November 10, 2010

four days until my trip.
i'm procrastinating while doing the rest of my 25 notecards for my history research report, i find myself dreading the rest of this week.
I have a hebrew test, a english test and a math test tomorrow. an english essay due friday, and 25 notecards containing information about my report due friday. i just got assigned another essay from my gender class, and more intense work i refuse to understand in chemistry.
honestly, this should be illegal, piling all this homework on us, while the teachers are aware we are anticipating a class "vacation".
i have little ability to concentrate, and it has literally taken me since 6:00 to do my homework, since i keep getting sidetracked with catching up with old friends, preparing for my best friend's birthday tomorrow, and just browsing flickr.
i am honestly so confused with this certain aspect of my life, which i don't feel like describing, since i don't want whoever reads this to know. basically it involves three different people, all of which have no relation to each other. i wish the answers would come to me, rather than me having to make up things in my head. i hate not knowing. but hopefully the month of december will bring this all together. it would be unlike me not to get my hopes up, unfortunately. i will try my hardest not to.
i always seem to want what i can't have...

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  1. I'm doing the same thing!
    and i completely agree, I have a hebrew quiz tomorrow and a hebrew test and my notecards, and my english essay due friday and the crucible test friday :(

    i want this trip to come sooner
    like now would be a good time