Monday, November 8, 2010

dedicating every minute of spare time i have to making sam's birthday, and working on my history research report notecards.
i'm leaving for five days, on sunday. i am so excited to travel with my entire grade, to important places in the south. i hope this trip meets my expectations, and my hopes. but then again, does anything anymore?

i'm putting in so much effort, in so many different things, and i feel as if i rarely get anything in return.
one thing after the next, i am so busy. i rarely have time to do a simple painting on canvas anymore.

although i am excited about a few things happening in my life right now, i wish i had someone to share it all with.
truthfully, from me to you, i feel alone.
i have a best friend, and many many close friends, i have caring parents with endless support, but it seems like everyone has been drifting lately.

hopefully tomorrow works out. i hope osher and caroline can come over tomorrow because i miss them. i miss hanging out with my close group of girls. but i must admit, saturday night was so much fun. sam's party was really successful, and not too out of control.

but i want to apologize to you, blog.
i am sorry i never post my feelings like i promised.
i am sorry my schoolwork and social life is taking me over.
i can't remember the last time i was home on a weekend, aside from last.

too many things are happening lately. i have to much to remember, and to work on.
maybe this week away will be a good escape from the real world.
i just hope my canon ae-1 batteries come in the mail soon, and i hope that is the reason it hasn't been working lately.
i've never worried so much about a material thing in the longest time.
but truthfully, without photography, i feel like i wouldn't have much.

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