Thursday, October 14, 2010

The rain falling in front of the headlights of my best friend's car.
The warm embraces of people who care.
It's nights like these that make me thankful for the close friends I have.
With all that has been happening within my family, crying outside of my third period class with olivia, spending the evening with my best friend, the support of everyone around me during this time.
The passing of a family member is so difficult to deal with, but knowing that there are people who care enough to help makes the situation so much easier.
Everything seems as if it's falling apart, slowly.
I don't like talking about the bad in my life, but I have an intense feeling that it will all get better.
I am in no worry at all, none. I probably should be but there are so many positive things in my life that even out the bad.

There is so much that happened, I want to tell you everything but it's hard since I'm on my phone sitting in the rain with sam.
Maybe I'll explain later, but who knows. There's no point.

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