Saturday, October 16, 2010

i'm starting to see it all now.
everything and everyone, i can see right through them.
everyone says this is a bad thing, but i disagree.
i have figured it all out, and it's about time.

the survey i took in my psychology class has made me realize how happy i am with myself.
i've learned to look past the appearance that i hate, and find myself deep within.
i am such a strong person, compared to how i was a year ago.
every day, it feels, i am learning more and more about myself spiritually and mentally.
although people seem to think otherwise, i know exactly what has made me feel this way.

i am craving another warm night, with a warm drizzle.
i cut my weekend off early, since yesterday was a full weekend within itself.
tomorrow will have so much in store for me, i doubt i'll be able to handle it.
funerals are too hard to deal with.

i just want to quickly tell you how Stephanie never fails to make someone feel better.
even just the simple call we just had, made it a whole lot better.
i'm glad i have friends who actually care what is going on it my life, and if i am okay or not.
also, i've fallen in love with Foxes in Fiction. after hearing a few songs though, i was in love. This love was not even close to fulfilled until Warren Hildebrand commented on a photo of mine on flickr that i had titled, "foxes in fiction".

I turned in my final draft for my column for the school newspaper, along with a ten song playlist i created to spread my favorites across school, not that anyone but my close friends will read my section though. i don't mind.

this is caroline. i have not yet done anything with this picture i love so much.

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