Sunday, April 15, 2012

this weekend was amazing!
not everything happened that I wanted but I can't complain
if all of this planning to see eachother fails, I'm not worried. I'll see you august 20th
I can't wait for college. to move out. to meet down to earth people. to be in one of my favorite towns.
I am so happy with life! I hope internship goes well. I hope I don't get sick of spending every day with you.
I am so overworked and exhausted and it feels great.
I miss going to the gym though!
we accomplished many of our goals but we still have two weeks
I have a kickback on 420 to look forward to
and a rendezvous with a long lost fellow on Sunday
I'm excited and anxious and curious and can't wait to pursue the future and mini self goals I've made
of course when everything starts getting good, my hair sucks and I've got a few pimples hmph!

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