Saturday, December 3, 2011

woke up at 12, text from juliet, fell asleep until 4:20
austin woke me up with a candle melted into a famous amos cookie
olivia surprised me with a decorated car parked in front of starbucks, left her house at 6:30. we shared pumpkin loaf and chocolate croissant. chai tea anyone?
eden surprises me with a red velvet cake large enough to feed every person who walked passed me throughout the day.
becca surprised me with cupcakes, not eaten in jew phil, but freshman seem to love them
i realized i forgot the book for the open reading section of my quiz
olivia surprised me with her extra book! (later to find that it was mine she actually picked up from my house)
why was she at my house? well you should see my mirrors and the balloon party going on in here
ran up the stairs in a hurry with eden and sophmore boys who austin loves
continued with the birthday festivities outside
off to the next surprise, follow your heart restaurant which i have been talking about for months!
getting lost going to far back or not enough left because the food part is just so hard to locate!
most delicious, healthy, vegan meal ever
eden left for family affairs after returning to my house
random smoke spot to spliff it up and freestyle about the act
buy a literal HANDFUL of weed for 40 bucks loving the birthday surprises
away to chop stop we go!
the most amazing energy floating through the air
i proved my family wrong, salads are really the best birthday dinner food
lets go in a circle and name our favorite item in the salad
got a free chop stop hat and shirt! how unexpected
the amazing s'mores cupcake desserts, you have to try them
lets go in a circle and say what we like about amanda, holding back tears
amazing gifts and enough money to buy a camera lens
hello matthew's house
hello josh's house with matthew
hello megan and lindsay and the cupcake you put candles in and surprised me with
hung out with some older than college kids
all i remember is stuffing our faces with these crumbling delicious chocolate chip cookies in the kitchen
the hugest hit of my life uncontrollably high thanks roor
gazing at jupiter venus and the other ones outside in the freezing cold
trevor from the neighborhood so fucking hot i regret not pursuing that
ralphs for cheetos and apple cider, why was everyone else stuck behind the $400 purchase high as fuck like us?
then we began to hit up every smoke spot in my area that we have loved or still love
overland, the tippy toppy, and so many more
back to our house
see you later josh because we're going to try to fit all of us on my polar bear rug under a tiny blanket
then we're laying on my bed and i'm in the middle and i suddenly hear two snores
and that was just the brief summary of the greatest day in history.
not only was it my greatest day, but olivia's and austin's too.
our new pact: give eachother the absolute best 18th birthdays of all time.
it may be hard to top mine because it was literally perfect.
everything worked out in my favor
my cheeks hurt from the 24 hour smile that wouldn't come off
i have the most fucking amazing incredible devoted thoughtful family
i say this too much but family is fucking everything
without them i would be lacking the most beautiful connections in the world
family to family connection unexplainable twin telepathy
i could go on and on about how thankful i am
i said a million times that i will never be sad for the rest of my life.
i have no reason to. i have everything someone could ask for. i am so fortunate. i am rich with love like poppa raised this family to be. he is a genius.
i have butterflies and smiles and everything perfect

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