Tuesday, December 13, 2011

reading back to my first post ever, instead of finals' studying!
i talked about my feelings for you roughly every other post back then. i had no idea.
i guess things never change! i can't believe how much has happened since then.
i'm literally astonished. now, going on 300 posts and look who i've become.
blogs are a brilliant idea because i'll always have them to look back at. even when i am older.
i loveeeeeeeeeee being spontaneous and excited and i'm just ready for friday so i can hike to the hollywood sign and take photos of planes taking off over head.
WOO ksdjfkshfjksdhfas i have so much excitement flowing through my fingers onto the keyboard i could never stop typing even if someone pried my fingers off of the letters and numbers
or maybe i'm procrastinating? or maybe i'm ecstatic when i was sad today earlier
what the hell is up with my head aches and my back pains and i'm such a mess but i honestly don't care. as long as i've got my inspiration.

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