Sunday, October 16, 2011

i have three words

because this is the easiest way to sum up how i'm feeling right now.

i'm in love.

with our cousinship. and with our creative friendship. and with our growing long distance friendship. and with siblingship. and with our never ending friendship and with our student-teacher friendship.
i have six people to thank for subconsciously making me the happiest i have ever felt.
i have myself to thank. i have my brain to thank. i have my ability to fight through the hard times to thank.
i am all around content. from an outside view, it may look lonely, but it is hard working and it focuses more on what is real rather than what is placed in front of me. i needed a challenge, and fighting that challenge has made me so much stronger.

i love you.
and you.
and the rest of you.

i am so happy it is insane.

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