Wednesday, April 6, 2011

i honestly thought i wouldn't go to coachella this year, and out of nowhere, i have a ticket, a place to stay, a ride, and people to go with. HOLY SHIT.

this is beautiful. this is incredible. i am so excited. i can't think about anything but our trip.
stephanie, matthew and i for an entire weekend, listening to my favorite bands, fucked up out of our minds. i couldn't think of a more perfect getaway.

and on a side note, can you honestly expect me to hold back from something that was pretty much handed to me? i've wanted this more than you did, considering these are my favorite bands. also, i can't even think of a single thing you did for my birthday, and i'm sure you can't either. i even considered you one of my best friends back then. should i be expected to return the favor that never came my way?

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