Wednesday, March 30, 2011

taking a break from packing because it's boiling in my room and i wanted a cotton candy flavored push-up or whatever it's called! i love that they are decorated with dots rather than super heros. i will definitely have a shoot with these soon.

here is everything i packed, and it certainly looks like a lot less than what i actually packed. there are three piles about a foot tall. but i guess it's not THAT much. i've done worse.

but i am really excited and excited and excited and happy and i hope it meets my expectations or goes past them. i don't know if it will though. i really want to blaze tonight considering this is my first weekend of sobriety since the south trip? i actually hope it has been sooner than that because i went to the south in novemberish. oy. but i can't wait to tan and make friends and wear all of the cute outfits i have planned/ my new shoez.

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