Saturday, March 19, 2011

spending majority of yesterday in cat whiskers and red lipstick.

garage party twice.
of course i got no pictures of that day, since you got all of them and it makes me feel sad about how i never take pictures anymore. i miss when i'd carry around my ae-1 all the time.

this daytime nonsense at my house was followed by driving to vav rock for no reason, and a lovely trip to starbucks. have you ever had a cake pop? oh my god.

but anyway, after starbucks and vav rock adventure, we found out about a smoke shop that doesn't card! hurray, best discovery of my life. after that, we headed back to my house to change and get ready for this show:

after a quick sesh in olivia's car in front of the library, and aside from being the oldest person there, it was fun and i reconnected with someone from my old school! and someone from my new school! and then went to jake's party where i met very lovely people from oak park. i wish i could remember their names.
but i did have to pass a checkpoint with margaux which was the scariest moment of my life. the car smelled like weed, it was past curfew because she isn't legal yet, and i was fucked up out of my mind. i'm never going to oak park again. hahahah.

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  1. scariest moment of my life....ahhh
    and im sorry you didnt get any pictures... youll get so many good ones tonight though :]