Sunday, March 27, 2011

saturday night

although i spent my saturday day with a touch of the blues, it slowly got better as the day progressed. stephanie and matthew came over, then we took a trip to get zig zags and donuts. then we came home in time to make it to val's surprise kickback (which i ended up ruining the surprise for her...).

then we moved lee's bed around and took way too many pictures.

then, on our way to aroma, my fat friends decided to stop at carl's jr. for the most repulsive looking burgers i have ever met!

then we finally made it to aroma! where we ran into a few people, and left around 12.

afterwards, matthew and steph came back over for our sleepover and we had heart to heart with my parents along with getting drunk on the floor in my room, and seshing in our spot in the garage. it was such a different atmosphere, than we're all used to. anyway, it was a lovely ending to a lovely night.
this weekend had many ups and downs, but i am so happy i'm finally getting back into my old rhythm. i've missed the old amanda, but now she's back, better than ever.


  1. I love your blog

    you make me feel like I need to LIVE more!
    what a lovely post
    and your friends sound like a hoot and a half

    and the new amanda is amazing!