Tuesday, March 8, 2011

roughly one hour, fifty two minutes and twelve seconds of straight conversation, that's about two class periods so we decided.
if i wasn't so numb to feelings these days, i'm sure my stomach would be filled with butterflies and a smile would be pasted on my face until morning. but for now, i am just giggly and i wish i could stay up all night and talk to you because i know it could go on forever.
i love that you called because you had a dream about me, because i have dreams about you almost every night.
and i love that i sent you a facebook message and you unknowingly called me a half an hour later, without any knowledge that i sent you that message in the first place.
i joked about the telepathy we have but it's weird how all of these coincidences happened.
i want to tell everyone about my happiness and how my mood can change drastically just from a simple two hour phone call.
holy shit.

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