Sunday, March 20, 2011

i love the pitter patter sound on my windows.
i love watching my brother finally get back into his old hobbies and the creativity he's been saving up.
i love that i lost three pounds.
i loved last night, and seeing how happy you were. glowing with excitement.
i love that i got new incense.
i love my little sideproject.
i love that i am doing art again.
i love wearing socks with my pajamas.
i love how wavy my hair gets in the rain.
i love that i spent today wandering about in the rain with my family.
i love that i am going to start focusing on things i love, rather than things that bother me.
i love that i'm currently bundled up in my bed, snug as a bug in a rug.
i love that my college guidance meeting is thursday.
and i love that i think about you every single day, even though we talk less than once a week.
everything reminds me of you. i could bring up your name in every conversation. i love that you're so genuine and that you understand me fully. i love how you're literally the most good looking thing on the planet. i love the feeling i get when i see your name calling me. or when i see a new picture of you. i love that i talk about you so much on here, but you have no idea.

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