Wednesday, March 16, 2011

i guess that sometimes it takes a mental breakdown in the school bathroom in the middle of class to realize what you have and how lucky you are to have it.
you sat there with me while i told you things you don't tell people you aren't close to anymore.
you handed me pieces of toiled paper and you are the only person i would have vented to today.
it was exactly what i needed. no bullshit. no lying. just plain truth and catching up.
thank you for ditching your last period to sit with me and talk about college and life.
thank you for being there after i hadn't been there for you recently.
you are truly a genuine person, and i know we still feel like best friends deep down.
you are one of the few that will remain in my life after high school, and i have been positive of that since we were close.
you could have easily let me run out of class crying but instead you cared.
which is what i needed.
i needed you and your words and comfort and care.
if i knew how to say thank you in the perfect way, i would. but i'm almost there.
i need to start making an effort now, and talking to you about things because we were best friends.
i miss it so much and as much as i convinced myself otherwise, i need you in my life.
thank you. thank you.

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