Thursday, February 10, 2011

why can't i ever say no?
you are out of my life and that's how it should be.
we can't go back to how we were, because it will never be the same.
you did the one thing that a best friend should never do, and i have forgiven you so many times, i just don't want to deal with it anymore. i've moved on, and i have been for a while now.
things can't be how they used to, and although i miss those times, i've learned to make new memories, without you.
i don't mean to be harsh, but i want to be with my real friends before the party on saturday, which you aren't even invited to. you can't assume that people can forgive and forget, because you haven't been a good friend to anyone.
talking to you only at school does not qualify us as best friends. the guy you spend every waking moment with... that's your best friend and it isn't going to change.
i don't want to spend time with you.
we have nothing in common anymore.
you're exactly like him, and i've changed too.
move on already. you can't dwell on the past like you've been doing.

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