Saturday, February 26, 2011

to the guy standing on the backrest of a bust stop bench, thank you.
the simple wave you did as I drove by made my gloomy day brighter.
the clouds are perfect, I bought four things at goodwill, and I have plans for tonight.
today is looking uppwards. and literally, because I'm going to hop into my jumper and lay on the grass to watch the clouds.

and by the way, have all the alone time you want. i know it's truly what you need and i wouldn't regret making this decision anyway.
i have so much fun with olivia. hanging out with her is literally a break away from everything and everyone. no stress, no drama, just carefree driving and doing whatever the fuck we want.

and then there is you, who have ruined so many of my nights. i am getting so sick of you. so incredibly sick.

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