Saturday, February 26, 2011

thank you friday for being so lovely.
osher, caroline, ann and i came home to our usual friday after school routine at my house.
waiting for matthew, stephanie and olivia to come over, we had quite the adventure and share of theories.
realizing that we start off each friday the same, is so perfect to me.
although i have some stress when it comes to being at my house, it was still fun.
our circle sesh garage group, and then sitting around the dining room table talking and such.
then back to the garage when margaux arrives, and once more when the others show up.
then we're all set to go to starbucks and start our evening.
spontaneous target party?

then off to guitar merchant to see my lovely friend juliet play!

but anyway, last night was beautiful and today i'm spending my day good willing! i'm in dire need of new clothes.

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