Wednesday, February 16, 2011

obviously i was going to post something about my new hair! i was just unsure of it until now. now that i'm home and have time to play around with it, i realize how much i love it.

and i realized how i suddenly didn't feel like a ten year old boy anymore and it made me sad.

but then i remembered about how i could finally wear a belt around my head, like i always wanted to do (?)

and then i put my hair down and it was still wet from my shower this morning, but finally wavy again!

and i can wear this floral circle scarf that i don't even like!

and i can put it to the side for memories of my seventh grade self!

unfortunately, my adventure was put on a halt because my dad shattered the sliding glass door leading to the backyard, and i got a piece of glass in my finger that shimmered in the light which i had to pull out with tweezers.
the end!