Saturday, January 15, 2011

my best friend is my family. she is blood related to me and the closest person i will ever have in my life.
if everyone else comes and goes, she will be there. until we're grown up, until we're the oldest ones in the family. i have learned, from these past couple of years, how lucky i really am. most people don't have cousins their age, or someone to spend time with at family parties, or to drive around aimlessly with on saturday nights. i get to see her every day, compared to when we went to different schools and saw each other only at family events. she is the reason my life is excelling right now. she is the reason i had a new school to go to, after i hated my old one. if it wasn't for all of that, i would be so lost right now. i would have no idea who i am. i never really realized how inspirational she could be, until the made one of the boldest decisions of her teenage years. she decided to put an end to a prolonged, meaningless friendship. although she is in pain now, i am confident that it will end soon. i've been there before, i've been through many "best" friends. i know how you feel, olivia.

you are a wonderful person and i am so incredibly thankful for how close we have become.

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