Monday, January 17, 2011

last night was one of the most spontaneous nights i've had in a while.
i want more nights like this. and i am convinced it will happen.
i love the freedom my parents give me, and having friends with creative ideas.
i want more last nights.
and tamir made a good point. since he is older and has seen high school come and go, i am going to take his advice. he basically told me that people shouldn't waste their time sleeping and not doing what they want, because when high school is over, they'll regret not making the most of it.
i am carefree. i am doing what ever makes me happy whether it disappoints someone or not. i don't care what is thought of me. i don't care what you think about the people i hang out with. i'm going to make the most of this extremely short life and do what i want.
feel free to disagree, but when we're grown up, you'll regret it.

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  1. i love you and i agree. p.s. MAXIMUS IS MY BOYFRIEND