Wednesday, January 26, 2011

i have realized that i love being busy, and keeping myself occupied.
i hate relaxing, i hate having days to myself, i hate alone time.
i love being surrounded by adventure and excitement, and i love how my friends have been exploring new things with me as well.
the fact that i was up and about all night, helping my mom with packing and other homely things put me in such a good mood.
sitting and doing homework, or reading, or art makes me think. my mind wanders and it's hard to keep that from happening. maybe i'm depressed deep down inside, or you can diagnose me with some other weird thing, but i honestly don't care.
i'm not going to sit home and keep from fulfilling the relationships i have right now, because high school is going to soon come to an end. for me, i feel just the opposite.
i NEED to be out every weekend. i need to have everyday full of plans. i want to "live my life to the fullest" like every teenager and adult undergoing a midlife crisis would say. but seriously, i am. and i have been.
who cares if drugs and shit is bad. who cares if you do something your parents wouldn't approve of, or you have to tell a few lies to them in order to have a good time. i honestly just want to live my life and have fun while i can. because soon enough, i'll be 18, and then 25, and then 30. and in my perspective, having a family and career puts a limit on the wild, adventurous nights that i have the opportunity to experience right now.

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