Saturday, January 8, 2011

i have no idea what is going on.
i think i want to take a step back. i hate getting involved and how i am always brought into things.
but everyday it's something new. and this didn't start happening until i got close.

i have absolutely no idea what the future has in store for me. everything has been full of surprises lately.
but at least i am insured that my plan worked. i knew you would realize what you're doing.
so maybe things will get better. i don't see how they possibly could, without a break, but who knows.
maybe i should be done focusing on others and take some time for me.
i haven't taken photos in forever.
i haven't painted in forever.
i haven't gotten new clothes or gone thrifting in so long.
i think it's about time to change everything up a little, so i can grow and get farther in where i want to be in life.
all of these little things are bringing me down, when i should be associating myself with an atmosphere that will provide for me and help my knowledge grow.

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