Thursday, December 2, 2010

honestly, i am so beyond thankful for today. i didn't think today would be that wonderful, since it's just another day in my life that comes and goes. i've been so irritable lately, and i thought that nothing would change that. today made me realize how amazing everyone at my school is. my close friends, the teachers, the people i've never even said a word to in my life. i have never had people do so many nice things for me in one day. i've never heard so many people tell me "happy birthday", like they did today. i've never had anyone slip a birthday note in my locker, or a sign language teacher who tells me "happy birthday" in sign language while also speaking it. i've never had two people as caring as they were when they went in on a whole surprise and gift for me. i've never gotten things for my birthday that i knew would last me the rest of my life. but today changed all of that for me.
i am so happy that my day was so, incredibly better than my expectations. everything worked out how i wanted to.
the fact that my birthday is shortly coming to and end, doesn't even bother me, because i could die tomorrow and feel like my life was fulfilled.
i can't thank everyone enough. i feel like there is no way to repay everyone for their kindness and warmth.
i am changed.

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