Friday, October 1, 2010

our filthy hands,

While I'm waiting for Olivia to come over, I need to catch up on things around the house. I am off school today, due to a holiday I've never heard of. 
In a few minutes, I will start on the countless number of homework assignments I have. I will also begin writing replies to all of my pen pals and decorating their envelopes with magazine cut-outs and buttons. 
I also need to drop off some rolls of film, since I am way over due for that, and I've been saving these rolls since summer. 
I desperately need to find out if my Canon Ae-1 works, since I have wasted four rolls of film on it, all in which have come out blank or shredded. I have hope with this last roll though.

My beautiful pen pal from Hawaii sent me these delicious Hello Kitty gum things with the most interesting flavors! I now know what will be my breakfast. 

The sky has been beyond magnificent lately. I am starting to love this new weather. The rain, the clouds, the lightning. 
Two nights ago, my friends and I were all at Caroline's house. After a quick visit to the stairs, we hopped in Sam's car and just observed the drizzle. The lightning lit up the sky several times, and it was the most magical thing. Although this beauty had to be ruined by an old man in a car who assumed it would be a good idea to pull up along side of us and stare into the car, and then park centimeters away. 
So Sam dropped us off at Caroline's and after she left, we made cookies with pastel-colored frosting. Then, we all cuddled in Caroline's bed with a tray of incense at our side. We then went to her movie theater to watch The Garden State, and fell asleep on the coziest air mattress in the history of cozy air mattresses. 
We woke up, conversed for a little and went to the stairs, then to crave, then back to Caroline's. 
It was seriously so nice spending a night with all of them. It made us closer in so many ways, since we had spent most of the previous afternoon talking about each other's deepest secrets and concerns. Our group really needed one night without guys, where we could just vent and learn more about each other.

I feel the need to add a picture in between topic changes, just so it's not awkward changing to a completely different subject. You will learn plenty of weird things about me, if anyone even decides to read this thing.

But anyway, the picture reminded me of the secret room in Sam's house, which I've been meaning to tell you about!
So, she used to have a playroom as a child. It is upstairs in her house, in a place that nobody would ever thing to look. It's shoved in the far corner of her living room, and there is a sketchy door in front of it. Nobody would think to go in there, except for me since I love looking behind random doors. But it is like the coolest place in her house since the walls are painted lavender, and it has that slanted ceiling that everyone wants in their room. We decided to take everything out, have a GIANT garage sale and redecorate the entire room. It will be a little chill place for our friends to hang out in. We'll get lava lamps and trippy fabric wall hangings and comfy couches and posters and a shelving unit full of surprises which I'm not able to mention on this blog. But you have no idea how excited I am about this room, probably more excited than Sam, but that's alright. I'll post pictures of the final result, which won't be for a WHILE, so you'll probably forget.

I probably should end this soon, since it has gotten way, way too long. I could seriously write for hours though. There are just too many topics flowing through my head. But maybe I'll save them for other days since I don't want to run out of things to say too soon!
All of my posts will not be this long, I promise. (hahaha).

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