Wednesday, October 20, 2010

horoscope analyzation 2

My short trip may refer to the trip I'm going on this weekend? A lovely trip to Boston and Providence, Rhode Island to visit my cousin at Brown, with Olivia and my Aunt. I am so beyond excited for it, to get away from school and everything.
The 'new reality', and my exploration will maybe relate to things going on during the trip.
The fact that it said I 'itch to see new places and experience new things' make complete sense, since I am always talking about how I wish I could travel and now I finally am going to.
Maybe I'll find a quite place in grove of trees to spend some time in, as well.

I write these analyzations for my own sake, just because I am overwhelmed with how true these horoscopes can be, and I want to remember them.
I am so freaked out.

I got film developed today! Those chicks were the cutest things of my life. They are my uncle's baby chickens and I have been waiting to see them for the longest time. Ahhhh!

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