Sunday, October 10, 2010

crosstown traffik

I am currently overwhelmed with the amount of things going on at the moment.
I haven't even begun my photo homework that is due tomorrow, I have to finish final draft of my "music" article for my school's newspaper, I have to get film developed, start and finish my other homework, gather pictures that I have taken for my school's yearbook, and much more.

It is almost weird that I am not even close to stressed out. I have enjoyed a quite lovely weekend with the most wonderful people.
Friday was dedicated to Sam and Olivia. We haven't spent time together with just us three in the longest time. I am so happy that Olivia and Sam are getting closer. But after Olivia left, my favorite group of boys came over to Sam's house and we hung out. Details are not going to be mentioned on here, although I wish  I could! Who knows who reads this though... Anyway, the night ended on a suckish note, but the next day made up for it.
I spent Saturday with Sam and Rikki, and we searched for Halloween Costumes. I want to be a Dalmatian but I still haven't found my costume yet. Maybe David and I will be Steve and Blue from blue's clues. Saturday night, though, I went to Osher's house, FINALLY. Caroline, Steph, Osher and I walked to the park late at night, and then went back to her house for pizza. It was a girl's night that was much needed, although we were missing Sam and Jessica.
We woke up on Sunday, Steph went home, and the rest of us went on a walk and then I left. I finally went shopping for new clothes and now I'm home.
I hope I didn't leave anything out! But even though this weekend was just hanging out and relaxing, it was nice. Nice to be with the people I love. Nice to accomplish what needed to be accomplished.

Oh, and I got my cartilage pierced at Claire's. I forgot to mention that. HAHAHA. That's Sam's mom next to me.

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