Thursday, September 30, 2010

cause i'm a voodoo child,

I have had a countless number of these things. I couldn't even count on one hand anymore. Basically, I start one, write a few posts, share a couple of stories, post a few pictures, blah blah. They never really work out, that is why I'm making this blog without commitment. I'll post when I feel the need to. When things are perfect, or suckish.

I'll admit, I really have nothing to write for this post, since it's kind of weird to immediately start off telling you about my day. I'll just describe myself in a few words then.

Feathers in my hair, hennas filling my arms and legs, the most pink shade of lipstick you can imagine, rings on every finger, bracelets that jingle with every movement, a smile on my face, and a camera around my neck, to really sum it up.
My mood rings rarely change from the "dark blue" color.
You'll never see me without my backpack full of cameras.
I really enjoy the idea of pen pals. I have about 11, spread out around the globe.
I go to a school you've probably never heard of and I love it that way.
I've recently discovered myself, my true friends, my aspirations, my hobbies, my talents, my weaknesses, everything.

I would really love to keep this a whole "introductory" post, so I will end it shortly. 
I don't really have any hopes or anything special in mind for this blog. Who knows what will happen.

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